About geeki

Hi, I m Geeki. I am currently working as a network engineer, and doing a master’s degree in EEE.

I want to create a space to let people easily access some of the hottest topics around IT.
is my personal interest, and quite a few vendors are competing fiercely as the market matures.

I started the SDN journey with VMware NSX,  but would like to expand to other solutions as well.
I am not a hard-core DC engineer, I do enterprise routing for living, and these two areas seem to differ from each other quite a lot.
For this reason, my understanding could be limited at times, but I am still learning. Have you heard of CONGA?
I believe the good thing about being at school is that you get comfortable with reading research papers.
I do sincerely welcome corrections, so feel free to correct me or share different thoughts in the spirit of improving “mankind”.

I might come across as being biased at times. It wouldn’t be because I prefer one over the other, but due to my lack of understanding of the solution. SO PLEASE feel free to drop your thought.

As for a disclaimer, whatever I write here on this little space of mine will not reflect those of my company.


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