Review: Use of BGP for routing in large-scale data centers

I can’t let you geekis just sit around and do nothing during the winter. Let’s learn more about the fundamentals of data center networking.

I think many of you might have come across this article before, but I would still like to introduce this article on using eBGP for routing in large-scale data centers  by Petr Lapukhov and a few others. This article was one of the most influential articles that kind of set the standard for designing a layer 3 only data center network.

Just to give a little introduction on Petr,  he is currently working as a network engineer at Facebook, according to Linkedin. Prior to joining Facebook, he worked at Microsoft.

In this article, he introduces five criteria to consider for network design and explains how eBGP meets those criteria. He starts off by comparing the traditional layer 2 design to layer 3 only design, and give an example of how eBGP should be configured in a data center network. He explains further into how ASN should be configured and how prefix advertisement should be done. This is a short summary of the article, but you will find many things in details.

This article is only 31 pages, and if you know what kind of spacing normally is used for an IETF paper, you can easily guess how short this articles is.

I would give this as your thing to read over your long holidays, particularly if you are currently working on building a layer 3 data center network.
Petr’s article can be found from the link below;

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